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Oil & Gas


From inception, AMAZON GLOBAL COMMODITIES has been involved in the purchase and sale of petroleum products from the beginning of the transaction to its completion.

Experience and know-how plus our large network of resources in the petroleum industry enable us to match a purchase to the needs of a given client in a timely manner and to guide the transaction through to a successful close.


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WTI crude

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AMAZON GLOBAL COMMODITIES offers clients crude oil products and fuels that are available from our sources in the United States and other countries.

These products include, but are not limited, to:

  • West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil (WTI)
  • Olmeca Light Crude
  • Maya Heavy Crude
  • ULSD
  • D2 / D6
  • Jet Fuel A-1 & Aviation Kerosene

PEMEX Business Plan


AMAZON GLOBAL COMMODITIES offers Deep Foundation Drilling Rigs, track-mounted or truck-mounted for large construction projects and for oilfield work.

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While we are always interested in being a party to transactions, we also sometimes serve in a consulting role for a pre-negotiated fee.

We can help not only with the logistics; but with introductions to the right parties to supply or to purchase almost any commodity.

Worldwide affiliations

means more suppliers and more buyers to help us find the perfect match.


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